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Dr. Siegel
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Candace Hobbs
February 12, 2023

Hands down great personally and the care displayed before, during, and after my foot surgery. Especially the call that he made to check on me personally to ensure I was okay and no issues.

Cody Delancy
March 19, 2023

Dr Baker has a very good bedside manner, explains everything thoroughly, takes care of issues then rather than later. Very much recommended to anyone needing a new podiatrist.

David Richardson
March 26, 2023

Dr Derby was good at handling the trimming of my toe nails because I do not like any body touching my feet beacause of my nephorpathy but most of all the doctor answered all my concerns and addressed all issues regarding my left ankle as well. Excellent podiatrist and I would refer other's to see him in the near future. Thank you and God Bless. I dont want leave out the receptionist but as soon as I walked in the door she immediatedly took me back to a room. The tech also was very detailed in going over my information before see the the doctor. Thumbs up , good job to the both of you and keep up the good work

March 26, 2023

Dr Baker is very professional, never rushes the appointment & always runs on time.It’s a pleasure to have him as my physician.

April 2, 2023

Very good dr.very nice staff.

April 2, 2023

Very friendly staff and great doctor. Very thorough and helpful.

Ron Simpleman Langer
April 2, 2023

I took my mom here for severe toenail fungus. The staff were awesome. The doctors, Dr. Zuri, was fantastic. He helped my mom and now she can even walk better. Thank you so much for helping us. If you have any problems with your feet, go to modern foot and ankle.

Allan Jenkins
April 2, 2023

Dr. Zuri is easy to work with. very thorough and informative. makes sure you are informed every step of the way. Highly recommend!

Ibeth Papy
April 9, 2023

I loved this place, Dr. Derby was very polite and gentle he made the hole process easy. I would definitely recommend this place.

Misty Monteleone
April 2, 2023

Best referral I ever received. Best Dr ever.

Ender Jose Carruyo Berrueta
April 9, 2023

He is simply the best, the treatment he gave me was unbeatable, a first class team and a lot of experience.

Marian Jolly
April 9, 2023

From the calling to make an appointment from the time I came I walked in the door! My experience was a “GREAT “ one ! The Doctor was very informative as he was doing the procedure. With that it made me very comfortable and at ease

Debby Halvorsen
April 9, 2023

Dr Zuri was very patient with my 94 yr old mom. He did a good job on her toe nails too.

Sara Fox
April 16, 2023

I went to see Dr. Derby today and it was such a pleasant experience. I have been having pain and numbness in my left ankle during my work day and also while working out. He was very attentive, knowledgable, and knew exactly what to do to help me. My ultimate goal is to become a avid runner again and he told me he can help me do that! Music to my ears! Thank you so much for being so awesome....and your staff rocks too!

Amanda Cicerelli
April 16, 2023

Dr. Derby had great bedside manner and was thorough in explaining each step of the procedure and aftercare!

Vince Pardo
April 23, 2023

Very thorough and very personable

Aleida Riveraruiz
April 23, 2023

Great office and great Dr Derby. He was very attentive ask how I was doing and answered all my questions. If you are looking for a podiatrist go see him. Your feet will feel better.

George Partlow
April 23, 2023

Love love love doc thanks for everything 😇😇😇

Margarita Santana
April 23, 2023

Knowledgeable on my conditions.

Vilma Montoya
April 23, 2023

I highly recommend Dr Derby. He is knowledgeable and takes time to listen to his patients.

Becky Cacciatore
April 30, 2023

Staff very pleasant and accommodating...Dr Zuri has terrific bed side manners... Explained everything to us. Would highly recommend...easy access to office in Tampa...

Craig Vivino
May 7, 2023

Very good and caring Dr.

Loretta Jackson
May 7, 2023

Dr. ZURI and his staff are very pleasant and nice. Dr ZURI really listened to my concerns and took good care of it. Thank you for your help.

Kevin Brantmyer
May 7, 2023

Dr. Baker really cares about his patients. Very professional and timely.

Tony Harris
May 7, 2023

Dr Derby and staff are Super nice and very knowledgeable as well as expedient.

Nicole Mulroy
May 14, 2023

Fast, easy , - appointment making easy also

Angela Jimenez
May 14, 2023

Excellent experience! So professional and friendly staff.

Shauna Brand
May 14, 2023

Absolutely amazing and fast! Great bedside manner and very caring!

Jacob Kozy
May 21, 2023

Dr Derby is a miracle worker and I'm not just saying that. Earlier this year I had such bad infection and wounds all on my right foot that they were about to amputate from the knee down, but after using a wound vacuum and being as diligent and detail oriented as he is, he wins best doctor of the year because my foot is about 1 week away from being healed. Thank you doc.Oh, gigi at the front desk is pretty cool too ;)

Olania Lago
May 21, 2023

All the staff at the clinic are very attentive, Dr. Very friendly and good treatment of patients

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What patients say about Tampa Podiatry

The patients have given overwhelmingly positive reviews for this clinic. The staff and doctors are described as professional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and caring. Patients have also appreciated the short waiting times and efficient service. The doctors are praised for being thorough in their explanations and treatment plans. Overall, the patients highly recommend this clinic to others.

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Podiatrists at the Tampa office


Dr. Steven Baker

Esteemed podiatrist with decades of experience, transitioning from surgery to non-surgical therapies. Known for his caring and friendly approach.


Dr. Michael Zuri

Renowned for treating sports injuries and heel pain, with a focus on diabetic foot care. His patient-centered approach ensures a positive care experience.


Dr. Patrick Derby

Skilled in reconstructive surgery and wound care, with a focus on diabetic limb salvage. His principle: making a uniquely positive impact on each patient.

What to Expect

Comfortable Offices

From the tranquil waiting area to the warm, inviting treatment rooms, you can be sure you'll have a pleasant experience.

Friendly Staff

We take great pride in providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all and strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Easy Booking

Conveniently book online with our 24/7 booking system, or schedule an appointment via text message.

Why Patients Choose Modern

  • For comprehensive consultations
  • To receive prompt, effective treatment
  • To ensure seamless recovery between care stages
  • To find comfort in their everyday

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What are the qualifications and experience of the podiatrists at Modern Foot and Ankle Tampa Office?

The Tampa Office of Modern Foot and Ankle is home to Dr. Michael Zuri, Dr. Steven Baker, and Dr. Patrick Derby. Dr. Zuri and Dr. Derby are trained in arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Baker specializes in treating flat feet, high arches, and other foot and ankle conditions.

What services and conditions do the doctors at Tampa podiatry clinic specialize in?

The doctors at the Tampa clinic provide exceptional foot and ankle care for optimal health and wellness. They specialize in arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery, treatment of flat feet, high arches, and other foot and ankle conditions. Their goal is to provide comprehensive consultations, prompt treatment, and seamless recovery for all patients.

How do I schedule an appointment at the Tampa Office and what do I need to bring?

You can schedule an appointment at the Tampa Office by calling the number provided on the website. The clinic also offers 24/7 appointment booking. As for what you need to bring, it's always a good idea to bring any relevant medical records, a list of current medications, and your insurance information.

What should I expect during my visit at the Tampa Podiatry clinic?

During your visit at the Tampa Podiatry clinic, you can expect a comprehensive consultation and prompt, effective treatment. The clinic is described as having a tranquil waiting area and warm, inviting treatment rooms. The staff is friendly and provides personalized attention and clear communication.

What are the costs of treatment and does the Tampa clinic accept insurance/payment plans?

The Tampa clinic is in-network with all major insurance plans. For specific cost information and payment plan options, it would be best to contact the clinic directly.

What do patient reviews say about the Modern Foot and Ankle Tampa office?

The reviews for the Tampa podiatry office are overwhelmingly positive. Patients describe their experiences as quick and very efficient, with the doctors being straightforward with suggestions for different treatments. The staff and doctors are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and caring. The clinic is clean and well-organized, with little to no waiting time for appointments. Patients have reported feeling safe and comfortable during their visits, with efficient and effective treatments for foot-related issues. Some patients specifically mentioned Dr. Michael Zuri and Dr. Patrick Derby as exceptional doctors who take the time to explain diagnoses and treatments. Overall, patients have had great experiences at Modern Foot & Ankle and recommend the clinic for anyone seeking foot care.

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