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Experience premier foot care at our podiatrist Palm Beach Jupiter location. The sleek architecture and modern design promises patients a refined healing environment.

Podiatrist Jupiter, FL

Modern Foot & Ankle Jupiter Clinic

Our compassionate doctors and staff at Jupiter in Palm Beach provide exceptional foot and ankle care for optimal health and wellness. Schedule an appointment today!

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Monday 9 AM – 6 PM

Tuesday 8 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday 8 AM – 4 PM

Thursday 8 AM – 4 PM

Friday 8 AM – 4 PM

(561) 516-7528

Podiatrists at the Jupiter Office

Close-up image of Dr. Tamara Nemeroff, a female Board Certified Podiatrist in Jupiter, recognized for her work in sports medicine and diabetic limb salvage
Palm Beach

Dr. Tamara Nemeroff

Skilled in sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, and reconstructive surgery. Now accepting Patients at our Jupiter Location.

Dr. Nemeroff
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Monday 9 AM – 6 PM

Tuesday 8 AM – 4 PM

Wednesday 8 AM – 4 PM

Thursday 8 AM – 4 PM

Friday 8 AM – 4 PM

Palm Beach

's hours at 
Palm Beach

Skilled in sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, and reconstructive surgery. Now accepting Patients at our Jupiter Location.

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Palm Beach

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What to expect at the Jupiter Podiatry Clinic

Expert Doctors
Training & experience you can trust to provide the best care
Individualized Care
We’ll work with you to build a plan tailored to your needs
Prompt Visits
On schedule doctors with free Parking and Wifi

The top-rated Podiatry experience in Palm Beach

Discover how we stand out with our exceptional patient-centered service.

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Podiatrists in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens offering excellent care for foot and ankle needs, recognized by the American College.

Comfortable Offices

Experience the tranquility of our podiatry offices, a haven for your foot and ankle care journey.

Relaxing Lobby

Forget crowded entry areas, get comfortable before your appointment with free Wi-Fi.

Inviting Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are warm and inviting, providing a soothing environment for your visit.

Modern Facilities

Equipped with the best technology in podiatric medicine, our facilities ensure you receive the highest standard of care.

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Foot and ankle expert in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, attentively examining a patient's foot, reflecting the region's excellence in podiatric care.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff takes pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Personalized Attention

We believe in personalized care, tailoring our services to meet your unique foot and ankle needs.

Compassionate Care

We understand the importance of empathy in podiatry, and strive to make your visit pleasant.

Clear Communication

We prioritize clear communication, ensuring you understand every step of your treatment plan.

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Engaging medical practitioner from Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, with an infectious smile, gearing up with her tech tool for a consultation.

Easy Booking

Experience our seamless check-in process, designed to make your visit as smooth as possible.

24/7 Appointment Booking

With our 24/7 online booking system, scheduling your appointment is a breeze.

Text Message Scheduling

Use our text message scheduling service for easy appointment management.

Low Wait Times

We value your time. Our efficient Podiatrists are consistently on schedule for your appointment.

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We are in-network with all major insurance plans.

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Comprehensive Podiatry Services

Care for Every Condition

No matter your condition, we have a solution. Our podiatrists are ready to provide personalized, advanced care for your unique needs.

Custom orthotics and supportive footwear designed by a professional podiatrist to alleviate foot pain, improve foot function, and correct issues like plantar fasciitis and arch pain.
Custom Orthotics and Footwear
Our foot and ankle specialists can create custom orthotics and recommend footwear to help alleviate foot pain and improve your mobility.
Professional podiatrist at Modern Foot & Ankle providing comprehensive arthritis management services to improve foot function and mobility.
Arthritic Conditions
Our podiatrists can help manage the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis of the feet and ankles.
Podiatrist performing an in-office digital x-ray on a patient's foot to assess their heel pain.
In-Office Digital X-Ray
Our advanced digital X-ray unit allows us to quickly view images and access radiology results for faster diagnosis and treatment planning.
Podiatrist examining a patient's ankle for sprain treatment
Ankle Sprain
Our doctors provide expert care for a range of foot and ankle injuries, including sprains, fractures, and tendonitis.
Sports Medicine Podiatrist at Modern Foot & Ankle providing comprehensive care for athletes
Sports Medicine
We offer specialized care for athletes and active individuals, helping them prevent and treat foot and ankle injuries.
Podiatrist providing foot and ankle wound care at Modern Foot & Ankle clinic
Wound Care
Our team can provide comprehensive wound care services, including debridement, dressing changes, and offloading techniques to help promote healing.
Expert podiatrist at Modern Foot & Ankle providing comprehensive diabetic foot care to prevent and manage complications such as ulcers, infections, and amputations.
Diabetic Foot Care
Our podiatrists specialize in caring for diabetic feet, providing routine foot care, wound care, and education to help prevent complications.
A team of professional podiatrists at Modern Foot & Ankle providing comprehensive care for patients suffering from bunions, including diagnosis, conservative treatment, and surgical intervention when necessary.
Bunion Surgery
We offer a range of treatment options for bunions, including conservative measures and surgical correction when necessary.

What patients say about Jupiter Podiatry

The Jupiter Podiatry Clinic, led by Dr. Tamara Nemeroff, is celebrated for its outstanding care and service. Dr. Nemeroff wins acclaim for her expertise, empathy, and efficient handling of urgent cases, while her staff is noted for being pleasant and efficient. The clinic is praised for its swift appointment scheduling, professional and informative treatment processes, and a welcoming environment. Patients appreciate the attentive and thorough care provided by Dr. Nemeroff and recommend the clinic for anyone seeking high-quality podiatric services.

Podiatry Office where doctors address foot and ankle problems

Conveniently Located

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Why Patients Choose Modern

  • For comprehensive consultations
  • To receive prompt, effective treatment
  • To ensure seamless recovery between care stages
  • To find comfort in their everyday
Jupiter, Palm Beach's best podiatrist addressing lower extremity concerns. A moment of thorough consultation between patient and board certified doctor.

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The Modern Foot & Ankle 
 Clinic is our first location in
Palm Beach
Additional locations coming soon!


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What are the qualifications and experience of the podiatrists at Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic?

The Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic is staffed by highly qualified and experienced podiatrists. Dr. Tamara Nemeroff is the primary care provider at this location. She is skilled in sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Nemeroff will be accepting patients at the Jupiter location starting October 2023. She is committed to providing optimal foot and ankle care for the best patient outcomes.

What services and conditions do the doctors at Jupiter podiatry clinic specialize in?

The doctors at the Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic specialize in a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. They provide comprehensive medical and surgical solutions for conditions such as sports injuries, diabetic care, and foot and ankle treatment. The clinic is equipped with advanced podiatric technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

How do I schedule an appointment at the Jupiter Clinic and what do I need to bring?

Scheduling an appointment at the Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic is easy and convenient. You can book an appointment 24/7 online through their website or use their text message scheduling service for easy appointment management. When you come for your appointment, bring any relevant medical records, a list of current medications, and your insurance information. If you have specific foot or ankle concerns, it may also be helpful to bring the shoes you wear most often.

What should I expect during my visit at the Jupiter Podiatry clinic?

During your visit at the Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic, you can expect a comprehensive consultation and prompt, effective treatment. The clinic is designed for patient comfort, with a tranquil waiting area and warm, inviting treatment rooms. The friendly staff and doctors will provide personalized attention, clear communication, and compassionate care to ensure a pleasant experience.

What are the costs of treatment and does the Jupiter clinic accept insurance/payment plans?

The cost of treatment at the Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter Clinic varies depending on the specific services and treatments required. The clinic accepts most insurance plans. For more detailed information about costs and payment options, it's best to contact the office directly.

What do patient reviews say about the Modern Foot and Ankle Jupiter clinic?

While specific reviews for the Jupiter clinic are not available at this time, Modern Foot and Ankle clinics are known for their courteous, friendly, and professional staff. The doctors are knowledgeable and take the time to explain procedures and answer questions. Patients appreciate the modern and clean office, as well as the efficient and seamless check-in process. Many patients highly recommend these clinics and would return for future podiatry needs.

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