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Colleen Prentice
June 4, 2024

Best podiatrist care I have ever received! Dr. Ryan answered all our questions, explained thoroughly my issue and spent all the time he needed to with me! Very caring and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!!!!

Chris Smith
June 4, 2024

Hey All,

Just visited Dr Ryan Haaksma of Modern Foot & Ankle at his office in Wesley Chapel. I write today to tell everyone how amazing Dr Haaksma has been in getting a very difficult foot wound closed and healed for me.

I first met him at St Joseph’s North Campus after being admitted through the ER. While the prognosis was grim, he gave me options that others did not offer. He could amputate more of my foot. Or we could aggressively treat an infected wound site with Home IV therapy and frequent visits to his office. I chose the later.

I had already spent the 2 previous years trying to overcome other wounds in the same area of my foot. Nothing had worked as the wound site kept reopening and the infection in my body grew more severe.

Fast forward to today where I had another 9-week visit to see Dr. Haaksma. Remarkably, my foot is entirely healed. No more open wounds. No more bloody socks. Even the two toenails that formally had toenail fungus are looking rather healthy!

However, the real reason I am sending in this review is because of Dr. Haaksma’s “bedside manners,” professionalism, and kind demeanor. He’s such a pleasant person to talk with. Always encouraging and positive.

We chatted today and I found out that a lot of insurance companies are cutting providers’ reimbursements. While that directly affects his income, I got a surprise when he simply said, “I’m a doctor because I like taking care of people.”

As a now 60-years-old guy, it sure was refreshing to hear someone espouse the belief in humanity I was raised with over today’s more popular “It’s all about me” movement.

I learned the hard way about my health. Especially about my foot health. I hope that you will consider Dr Ryan Haaksma and Modern Foot & Ankle in the event you have the need. It sure has been worth every second of my time!

Delano Howson
May 30, 2024

Great staff very attentive and courteous.

Brad Semmel
May 29, 2024

Nice, clean office - not the one I usually go to, but very similar in look and feel. Nice staff. Dr. Haaksma does a very good job of keeping me on my feet.

Nichole Jensen
May 28, 2024

Dr. Ryan Haaksma is great! Really takes the time to explain. The staff has all been very friendly! Definitely recommend!

Ruth Martinez
May 24, 2024

Dr. Hasskma is a great provider. He took the time to listen to my concerns and worked with me to find an immediate relief to my discomfort. He is knowledgeable and has a respectful educational approach to explain his patients the nature of their health issues. Great provider and I highly recommend him!

Elinor Encinosa
May 24, 2024

Great doctor. Office personnel extremely friendly, efficient, and helpful. Definitely would recommend.

Michael Placido
May 21, 2024

The office was extremely clean and bright. The staff was super friendly and efficient. Dr. Haaksma is very polite, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. He, along with his staff, made my visit an absolute comfortable pleasure.

Reyna Martinez
May 15, 2024

Dr. Sorrento was a great physician .Ge went over everything in detail making it easy for my daughter to understand. He was able to diagnose her with a problem that had been severely overlooked by two Podiatrist and a period of eight years. I cannot thank him or his staff enough. I definitely recommend Dr. Sorrento in his staff. He will not be disappointed.

Glenn B
May 10, 2024

Today was my second visit to Dr Ryan H., saw him last year for an ingrown toenail and today was for some arthritic pain in my joint. Dr Ryan is very thorough and explains things in detail. He treated me today with a steroid injection which in all likelihood will alleviate the pain, in addition he explained what my future options are should the pain come back. Based on both of my visits in the past year I can safely recommend Dr Ryan to anyone dealing with foot pain or related foot issues. Great staff, easy to make an appointment, and best of all I never had to wait around waiting to be seen. Thank you to all at Modern Foot & Ankle 👍

Don Caldwell
April 30, 2024

Very pleasant and good service

Eliasin Robles
April 24, 2024

Doctor and staff are very attentive. Dr Haaskma was very thorough and resolved all my medical concerns.

jose escudero
April 22, 2024

Excellent service

R Price
April 15, 2024

Great experience. Have scheduled a followup.

Debra Walter
April 10, 2024

My consultation went very well. Dr. Sorrento was very knowledgable and detailed in his assessment. He explained my options in a way I could understand and made me feel comfortable in a path forward. So far so good!

April 4, 2024

thank you!

Lisa Dotter
April 2, 2024

Dr H. Really listened to my and gave me excellent care. I would recommend him and the practice to anyone In need of their services. Staff is also very friendly and office is exceptionally clean and maintained

Roland Waitszies
April 1, 2024

I am very happy with Dr Sorrento’s services he shows compassion for his patients. He also explained what is going on with your feet

Amy Pettett
March 30, 2024

Modern foot and ankle as a whole is a great place to go. Front desk staff is super friendly, they always answer the phones, and the Dr's especially Dr haaksma have all been amazing. It was good to hear my pain wasn't in my head and have the solutions needed to get back to my usual self.

Craig Binner
March 29, 2024

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr Ryan for a foot procedure that I was not looking forward to. Dr. Ryan was not only professional and performed the procedure with great skill, but he also had a very good personal demeanor that is so lacking in the medical profession today. Thanks Dr. Ryan!!

Gloria Vilhauer
March 26, 2024

Above and beyond the best doctor and staff

Miguel Huertas Torres
March 26, 2024

Great experience, no pain. Nothing to be afraid about. The follow up appointment was excellent, the recommendations provided in the initial consultation was the reason my toe is healing nicely. Thanks.

March 19, 2024

Dr Ryan Haaksma is a great surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone who would ask me who did my feet.

Fred Myers
March 5, 2024

Great care and great experience. Dr. Haaksma really cares and knows how to provide healing care.

Bernadette Kempf
March 5, 2024

Doctor and staff are very nice, I would recommend this iffice

Barbara Austin
February 29, 2024

Great job. Everything and everyone was perfect! I recommend the to everyone. Can get same day appointments for emergencies.

Bobbie Sutcliffe
February 27, 2024

I was very impressed with this young Dr. He was very informative about what was wrong with my foot and how to treat it without running to the OR like my last Podiatrist. Very nice bedside manner.

Robert Blanche Calabrese
February 27, 2024

Dr. Ryan helps me out every time I need help he gives me all the best advice he finds my problem with my feet and he helps me get them back feeling better than ever. I am 62 years old. I’m so blessed to know Dr. Ryan and his staff. Thank you. ❤️

Richard Austin
February 26, 2024

Dr Sorrento was awesome. Great job, thorough, easy to speak with, listens! Can get a same day emergency appointment!

Corey Travis
February 26, 2024

Uh no n very friendly, waited a half hour in the room!! Did not appear busy but could have been!! Girls last time talked and we're very friendly!! Maybe it is because I am an old medicare patient and they don't get much for trimming my toenails!! I was very disappointed in Dr. Sorrento this time too!! Only said like two words!! Hello and goodbye!! Totally different my first time there!! I will give it one more try in July!! If not different I will move on to someone else!! Very convenient for me and have talked them up to several others!! I almost hope they don't go if that is how us old folks are treated!!

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What patients say about Wesley Chapel Podiatry

Patients have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Westley Chapel Podiatry Clinic. Patients have praised the compassionate and caring nature of the staff, with many noting the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Ryan Hasksma and Dr. Siegal. Patients have commented on the clean environment, friendly staff, and the ease of getting appointments. Several patients have also commended Dr. Hasksma and his staff for their ability to make patients feel comfortable and at ease during surgery. Overall, patients highly recommend this clinic and its doctors.

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Dr. Dean Sorrento

Excels in advanced nerve decompression and sports medicine. His teaching background enhances patient understanding and care.


Dr. Ryan Haaksma

Advanced training in minimally-invasive procedures and sports medicine. His dedication ensures new techniques in surgical intervention.

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We take great pride in providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all and strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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What are the qualifications and experience of the podiatrists at Modern Foot and Ankle Wesley Chapel Office?

The Wesley Chapel Office of Modern Foot and Ankle is staffed by Dr. Adam Siegel and Dr. Ryan Haaksma. Dr. Siegel has a special interest in sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, reconstructive rearfoot surgery, and minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Haaksma provides comprehensive wound care services to promote healing and prevent infection.

What services and conditions do the doctors at Wesley Chapel podiatry clinic specialize in?

The doctors at the Wesley Chapel clinic provide exceptional foot and ankle care for optimal health and wellness. They specialize in sports medicine, diabetic limb salvage, reconstructive rearfoot surgery, and wound care services. Their goal is to provide comprehensive consultations, prompt treatment, and seamless recovery for all patients.

How do I schedule an appointment at the Wesley Chapel Office and what do I need to bring?

You can schedule an appointment at the Wesley Chapel Office by calling the number provided on the website. The clinic also offers 24/7 appointment booking. As for what you need to bring, it's always a good idea to bring any relevant medical records, a list of current medications, and your insurance information.

What should I expect during my visit at the Wesley Chapel Podiatry clinic?

During your visit at the Wesley Chapel Podiatry clinic, you can expect a comprehensive consultation and prompt, effective treatment. The clinic is described as having a tranquil waiting area and warm, inviting treatment rooms. The staff is friendly and provides personalized attention and clear communication.

What are the costs of treatment and does the Wesley Chapel clinic accept insurance/payment plans?

The Wesley Chapel clinic is in-network with all major insurance plans. For specific cost information and payment plan options, it would be best to contact the clinic directly.

What do patient reviews say about the Modern Foot and Ankle Wesley Chapel office?

The reviews for the Wesley Chapel podiatry office are overwhelmingly positive. Patients describe the staff as very welcoming and professional with a caring touch. The doctors are praised for their thorough examination and clear explanation of everything. The clinic is highly recommended for its professionalism and technical solutions.

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